Equestrian Riding and Boarding, established in 2009 has 24/7 management of horses in Odessa, Florida.  It is here where your beloved equine will be cared for by our staff who understands their special needs.  

Richard Martin is Owner and President.  Brenda Cathel manages the day-to -day  operations and her devotion to all animals is evident.  Our main priority at the farm is the happiness and well-being of the horses, as well as we want our boarders to feel completely at ease about their horses'  care.  We also have 24 hours 7 days a week  security at the facility and you can be assured that we share a mutual love and respect for all of our horses and animals. 

Your horse will always have a stall, full feed and hay, exercise,  as well as daily care as you request.  Custom feed, supplements and medications as well as monitoring of medical conditions are also available.

Our stalls are perfectly sized for the comfort of your horse, and provide plenty of room for daily turnouts so they can exercise to help maintain and to develop strong bodies. 

We are an EIA free equestrian and it is mandatory for all horses to have a a recent negative coggins report before entering the farm.  All of our boarding agreements must be completely filled out and you can receive one of our agreements by contacting Brenda Cathel (727) 667-4403 or Richard Martin (727) 667-4400 or the office staff at (727) 525-9197 or (727) 525-8833, or by email brendacathel@yahoo.com or dickmartinrealty@yahoo.com.